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 Good care helps people to use in clarifying and solving problems with their own power as much as possible. The Yucelmethod is designed to help people to use their own strengths and overcome their problems by themselve.
In the Yucelmethod, the person asking for help ets up its own life situation with the given blocks. The ´building´ includes the person  (the bar) , the supporting factors (T - shaped blocks under the bar) and pressures or concerns (rectangular blocks on the bar). The rectangular blocks are colored and of different sizes. The person can choose which rectangular block suits the size and nature of a particular concern or tax. For the supporting blocks he can choose the color that best suits the supporting factor represented by the block.
The properties of the blocks, the shape of the beam and the building up of the arrangement to give the person in a simple manner structure and focus in the analysis of his life circumstances . The blocks are made of hardwood: tactile , they are sturdy and relatively heavy. The blocks are rectangular and not round. This makes the setup stable.
The Yucelmethod 'Building om recovery ' is a visual and evocative method. The person builds, sees and experiences itself. A picture often says more than words. For many people, the existing relief techniques to abstract and multilingual. The Yucelmethod analyzes the problem and makes is visible and concrete.